Organise your medicine cabinet for under $10

One area of my home that has really bugged me for years is our medicine cabinet. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean it out and re-organise it, in a few short weeks it is right back to where it started.

Over the Christmas break out daughter fell quite ill and we spent the good part of 4 weeks in and out of the medicine cabinet. It was driving me absolutely batty. Let’s be honest, there is only so many times someone can get hit on the head by a falling bottle of Panadol. That person was me!

The existing cabinet was above out microwave and although it was fairly wide it was not very deep. There was just too much stuff and the baskets we had didn’t allow me to separate the different categories.

This is what I started with.


I had two plans up my sleeve. The first being to source containers that were much narrower to allow for better grouping of our medical items. The second plan was in case I couldn’t find containers to fit the small cupboard. I had an idea to actually relocate the medication to a whole different cupboard in our kitchen.

I have been searching Pinterest for the longest time and had spotted a few ideas that I loved.


original source unknown

I searched and searched but I couldn’t find a set of drawers or any other baskets or containers that would fit the existing¬† cabinet. On a whim (without my measurements) I picked up two of these long and narrow roller drawers that had adjustable compartments from Kmart.

At only $5 each they were a bargain. I absolutely love these roller bins. Not only do they come in 5 different sizes but they are stackable too.  This is a new product to Kmart and they have been extremely popular so if you see them, make sure you snap them up because they sell out very quickly. I know that I can use these for so many other projects I have on my list.


Thankfully when I got them home and tested them out they fit perfectly. Phew!

Then I started to purge. I completely emptied the baskets all over my counter sorting as I went and checking for empty packages and expired products.


I sorted in to the following categories.

  • medical instruments (thermometer tweezers, measuring cups etc)
  • cold and flu
  • pain relief (tablets)
  • bottles
  • creams and lotions
  • band aids
  • occasional use

Now that everything was sorted I started adjusting the compartments to make sure everything fit perfectly without falling all over.

With my label maker I made basic labels for the front of the drawers so we knew where everything was at a glance.

There were a few items that do not get used regularly but I didn’t want to let go of just yet. I have a large black box which is a bit of an extension of the cabinet. This is where I keep the ankle and knee braces, heat packs, cold packs, and my husband’s physio things like exercise balls and resistance bands. This is where I chose to store those few items that are still in date and may be needed in the future.

This seriously took about 15 minutes to do and I absolutely love it. Everything fits in the containers nice and neatly  and we can find what we are looking for super easily. Why are the projects we put off for so long end up being the easiest to complete?

So I’d like to know, how many of you are heading to Kmart for those roller bins?