The easy way I clean my rugs

Well it’s that time of year again when I fling open the windows and let the beautiful sunshine and warm breeze inside for the first time in months.

I have just started my spring clean and while I like to work through the house one room at a time, one thing that was at the very top of my list were the rugs in our living room. With two young kids and two indoor dogs I like to take the rugs outside every couple of months and give them a really good clean.

I took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine this weekend and jumped at the opportunity to get them knocked off my to-do list.

I will start by saying that these are very inexpensive carpets that we have purchased to get us through the “messy years” of parenthood. They hide every mark and I’m not particularly careful with them when it comes to keeping them clean.

**If you have an expensive carpet or something that is quite delicate make sure you read the care instructions first.**

The method that we use to clean them is pretty simple but it gets the job done. I start by giving them a really good vacuum and then drag them outside and hang them over two strings on the clothes line so that I can get to the back side of the rugs with the water. Then I hit them with the high pressure hose, first from the back of the rug then the front. I made sure that it was completely soaked through both sides so that when I put the soap on it could go right through the carpet.

There are many products on the market that are specifically carpet cleaning solutions that you could mix with warm water and pour over the rugs. Most of the cleaners that I found are meant to be used with carpet cleaning machines. I would check the directions on the bottle but diluting the solution in water and cleaning by hand should also be fine. Here are a few that I found at Bunnings Warehouse.




As I mentioned before I’m not very gentle with how I care for my carpets so I tend to use what I have on hand. On this particular day I added just under a litre of household disinfectant and a few cups of liquid laundry detergent to a 30L bucket of water.

I poured it on to the carpet with a smaller container and rubbed it into the rug with my hand to lather it up. Then I left the soap on to do it’s thing while I did started the other rug.

After about half an hour I gave the carpets a really good rinse with the high pressure hose again until the water ran clear with no soap or bubbles.

Now all that was left to do was wait for it to dry. It took about two and a half days for the carpets to dry but when the temperature is really hot it only takes a full day.

Once they are dry I dragged them back inside and give them another good vacuum. I do this for two reasons. There is bound to have been dust or dirt blown on the carpets while they were drying, so I like to get it out. The second reason I like to do this is it makes the carpet super soft and squishy. They really do come up like they are brand new.

This is just a really simple way that I clean my carpets that doesn’t require hiring a carpet cleaner or professionals to come in – or spending a small fortune on cheap carpets. Give it a try during your spring clean.