Organise your medicine cabinet for under $10

One area of my home that has really bugged me for years is our medicine cabinet. It doesn’t matter how many times I clean it out and re-organise it, in a few short weeks it is right back to where it started.

Over the Christmas break out daughter fell quite ill and we spent the good part of 4 weeks in and out of the medicine cabinet. It was driving me absolutely batty. Let’s be honest, there is only so many times someone can get hit on the head by a falling bottle of Panadol. That person was me!

The existing cabinet was above out microwave and although it was fairly wide it was not very deep. There was just too much stuff and the baskets we had didn’t allow me to separate the different categories.

This is what I started with.


I had two plans up my sleeve. The first being to source containers that were much narrower to allow for better grouping of our medical items. The second plan was in case I couldn’t find containers to fit the small cupboard. I had an idea to actually relocate the medication to a whole different cupboard in our kitchen.

I have been searching Pinterest for the longest time and had spotted a few ideas that I loved.


original source unknown

I searched and searched but I couldn’t find a set of drawers or any other baskets or containers that would fit the existing  cabinet. On a whim (without my measurements) I picked up two of these long and narrow roller drawers that had adjustable compartments from Kmart.

At only $5 each they were a bargain. I absolutely love these roller bins. Not only do they come in 5 different sizes but they are stackable too.  This is a new product to Kmart and they have been extremely popular so if you see them, make sure you snap them up because they sell out very quickly. I know that I can use these for so many other projects I have on my list.


Thankfully when I got them home and tested them out they fit perfectly. Phew!

Then I started to purge. I completely emptied the baskets all over my counter sorting as I went and checking for empty packages and expired products.


I sorted in to the following categories.

  • medical instruments (thermometer tweezers, measuring cups etc)
  • cold and flu
  • pain relief (tablets)
  • bottles
  • creams and lotions
  • band aids
  • occasional use

Now that everything was sorted I started adjusting the compartments to make sure everything fit perfectly without falling all over.

With my label maker I made basic labels for the front of the drawers so we knew where everything was at a glance.

There were a few items that do not get used regularly but I didn’t want to let go of just yet. I have a large black box which is a bit of an extension of the cabinet. This is where I keep the ankle and knee braces, heat packs, cold packs, and my husband’s physio things like exercise balls and resistance bands. This is where I chose to store those few items that are still in date and may be needed in the future.

This seriously took about 15 minutes to do and I absolutely love it. Everything fits in the containers nice and neatly  and we can find what we are looking for super easily. Why are the projects we put off for so long end up being the easiest to complete?

So I’d like to know, how many of you are heading to Kmart for those roller bins?

The easy way I clean my rugs

Well it’s that time of year again when I fling open the windows and let the beautiful sunshine and warm breeze inside for the first time in months.

I have just started my spring clean and while I like to work through the house one room at a time, one thing that was at the very top of my list were the rugs in our living room. With two young kids and two indoor dogs I like to take the rugs outside every couple of months and give them a really good clean.

I took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine this weekend and jumped at the opportunity to get them knocked off my to-do list.

I will start by saying that these are very inexpensive carpets that we have purchased to get us through the “messy years” of parenthood. They hide every mark and I’m not particularly careful with them when it comes to keeping them clean.

**If you have an expensive carpet or something that is quite delicate make sure you read the care instructions first.**

The method that we use to clean them is pretty simple but it gets the job done. I start by giving them a really good vacuum and then drag them outside and hang them over two strings on the clothes line so that I can get to the back side of the rugs with the water. Then I hit them with the high pressure hose, first from the back of the rug then the front. I made sure that it was completely soaked through both sides so that when I put the soap on it could go right through the carpet.

There are many products on the market that are specifically carpet cleaning solutions that you could mix with warm water and pour over the rugs. Most of the cleaners that I found are meant to be used with carpet cleaning machines. I would check the directions on the bottle but diluting the solution in water and cleaning by hand should also be fine. Here are a few that I found at Bunnings Warehouse.




As I mentioned before I’m not very gentle with how I care for my carpets so I tend to use what I have on hand. On this particular day I added just under a litre of household disinfectant and a few cups of liquid laundry detergent to a 30L bucket of water.

I poured it on to the carpet with a smaller container and rubbed it into the rug with my hand to lather it up. Then I left the soap on to do it’s thing while I did started the other rug.

After about half an hour I gave the carpets a really good rinse with the high pressure hose again until the water ran clear with no soap or bubbles.

Now all that was left to do was wait for it to dry. It took about two and a half days for the carpets to dry but when the temperature is really hot it only takes a full day.

Once they are dry I dragged them back inside and give them another good vacuum. I do this for two reasons. There is bound to have been dust or dirt blown on the carpets while they were drying, so I like to get it out. The second reason I like to do this is it makes the carpet super soft and squishy. They really do come up like they are brand new.

This is just a really simple way that I clean my carpets that doesn’t require hiring a carpet cleaner or professionals to come in – or spending a small fortune on cheap carpets. Give it a try during your spring clean.






Car organisation and how I keep it clean and organised with two young kids.

Today I wanted to share with you how I have recently organised my car and how I keep it clean and tidy with two young kids.

If you were to ask anyone who knows me and who has seen our car – especially my Dad – they will tell you that our car is a total mess 100% of the time. As embarrassing as it is to admit it, they would be absolutely right. Ever since I started driving I have never been able to keep my car tidy and in order. When I was younger the boot and back seat would slowly fill up with clothes and bags as I hopped from one friends house to another each weekend. It would get to the point when my passengers couldn’t put their feet on the floor and only then would clean it out, vacuum and wash it. Each time I vowed it would stay this way……it never lasted long.

This cycle continued when I had my children. I’m sure all the Mum’s out there can relate. When you have a newborn screaming to be fed or a toddler screaming about……well everything a toddler screams about, cleaning out the car after every trip it the last thing on your mind when you finally arrive home. Each trip it gets a little worse – until its the kids who can’t put their feet on the floor.

Almost 2 months ago I finally hit breaking point. My daughter had lost not one but two pairs of shoes in the black hole that was our family car. It was time to stop this cycle, take off my slob vision glasses and dive in.

I was on such a mission that I forgot to take a before photo. Although I will be totally upfront and say that even if I had taken a before photo, it was so utterly shocking, embarresing and disgusting – I probably wouldn’t have put it in this post anyway. #truth

I will tell you that this was a 2 day process. Seriously, it took me two days to finish cleaning our car. I filled three laundry baskets with jackets, kids clothes, toys and books. I filled (to the brim) a grocery bag with rubbish, old notes and receipts that had been thrown on the floor.

With a bucket of water and eucalyptus and microfiber cloth, I dusted and cleaned the interior including the vents, doors, steering wheel, dash, console, glove box and the windows from the inside. When I had finished I then went back over the dash with the ArmorAll Protect and Shine.


I then removed the kids car seats. #OMG #IHAVENOWORDS

Only a parent of toddlers can truly understand the horror that lies beneath a car seat…..and on the car seat…..and in the nooks and crannies of the car seat. The covers came off and got a soak in hot water and the seats were hosed off and left to dry.

I pulled out our old vacuum and got to work. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to vacuum every inch of the carpet from one end of the car to the other. The dirt, crumbs, leaves and sand was unbelievable. I had that old vacuum working so hard that it overheated and cut out twice.

And now for a little side by side…..


So much better!

After stopping for a late lunch with the kids and a quick rest (it was hot that day) I dug the leather cleaner out of our laundry cupboard and got to work cleaning the seats.

We actually purchased this leather care kit when we bought our couch 3 years ago. It is a two step process where I used the sponge and cleaning solution to really give those seats a good scrubbing. I then rubbed the leather conditioning cream all over. If like me you have never cleaned your leather car seats properly before, I highly recommend doing it at least once a year. They looked like they were brand new. This whole process took another took another hour but it was absolutely worth it.

At 5.20 PM we called it a day.

That night when the kids were asleep I left hubby at home and snuck down to out local 24 hour Kmart to pick up a few things that I needed to organise the car the following day.


Many years ago when I was thinking about starting my blog I actually organised our old car. At the time my Son was about 8 months old and as any new Mum would do I set up the biggest most obnoxious car kit that had enough stuff in their to prepare us for any emergency that may arise. I’m sure the 1st aid kit everything except the defibrillator. I had enough spare clothes, nappies, wipes, water and snacks to last us a week if we were to break down on a back road in the middle of nowhere. There was even an inflatable “high chair” seat that strapped and secured baby safely to a regular chair. Needless to say it took up so much room.

Did I mention that it takes 10 minutes to get from one side of town to the other and my entire family lives in the same town. I had prepared us for survival of a week stuck on the side of the road – and I had 30+ family members a 5 minutes drive away. #FirstTimeMum

It was ridiculous. Too big, completely over the top and my son outgrew every spare outfit and nappy before using any of them.

This time around I took a very minimalistic approach. I made a list of what we get stuck without regularly and was very realistic about what we would actually use. So I using the pencil cases and made two very small kits for the car.

The following day I grabbed the bucket and sponge and scrubbed our car from top to bottom with my little helpers of course. I then gathered up all the bits and pieces and went and organised the car.

So let me take you on a little tour.

In the glove box

In our glove box I have the car manual, our two kits and of course baby wipes. I do not know a mother that does not have a packet of wet wipes on hand. I popped in a bottle of insect repellent because our son will get eaten alive by mosquitos without fail, every time we leave the house. The black pencil case was what I had originally used for our first aid kit. I later found another little case I already had that fit everything a lot better. So let me show you what are in my two little kits that I put together.

Mumma’s Essentials

In the pretty pink pencil case I gathered a few fairly obvious items that I though would be convenient for any woman to have on hand.

  • A few hair elastics and bobby pins
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Lip balm
Basic First Aid Kit

You can purchase very inexpensive first aid kits like this one at Kmart for just $10. I didn’t actually realise that they sold them until a few days ago. So I had already put together a little kit with all the basics to keep in the glove box. It included the following:

  • Bandaids
  • A few larger band aid style patches
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Scissors
  • Eye drops / wipes (for flushing sand out of eyes)
  • Pawpaw cream
  • Antiseptic ointment (not pictured)
  • Panadol and nurophene (adult)
  • Dissolvable children’s Panadol (not pictured)
  • travel sickness tablets (for me….not the kids)
  • Hand sanetiser
In the centre console

I tried to keep our centre console fairly empty but I did put the phone charger and aux cord in there as well as a pen.

Drivers side door pocket

In the door pocket I keep my cd wallet, a torch and a few plastic bags on hand for gathering any rubbish. I didn’t want to shove a huge bunch of grocery bags in the door all crumpled up but I remembered seeing this folding technique on pinterest which is actually pretty great for keeping the plastic bags small and tidy.

So I can hear you all asking, will I now go and fold every plastic bag in my kitchen into tiny triangles?? No way in hell!! But for the purpose of saving space in the car and keeping it tidy, I will make the effort.

In the back seat


I used the small blanket to cover the seat and protect the seats as well as  to catch any sand or dirt that may fall down the side. I have heard that putting a blanket on the leather will effect the look and cause it to go shiny. I’m not sure if this is true – I guess I will find out soon. I will say one thing though. If it came down to cleaning the horror that was under the car seats before and a few shiny spots – I will take the shiny spots on the leather any day of the week.

Now For The Rules

I then sat with the kids and explained the new car rules. The first one was that there would be no more eating in the car. We live in a small town and it doesn’t really take longer than 10-15 minutes to drive across town. So from now on the kids can wait until we arrive at our destination before cracking open the snacks.

Of course if we are taking a long trip, we will make an exception but this happens rarely so we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

With the food issue addressed I pulled out the little bags that I found at kmart. Rule number 2 was that if it doesn’t fit in the bag, it doesn’t get put in the car. These little bags attach so easily to the head rests with velcro. They are actually marketed as garbage bags and are lined with plastic so they dont leak. This is a fantastic idea to begin with but I didn’t buy them to contain the garbage, I bought them to contain the toy clutter. I painted their initial on the front of their bags so there is no fighting over them. I just LOVE this idea and it is definitely my favourite improvement that we made.

Let me tell you this has been such a game changer when it comes to “stuff” in our car. I’m kicking myself that I hadn’t thought about this sooner. And for only $3 each, it was an absolute bargain.

Let me give you a run down on what it cost to organise our car.


So how is it all working out?

It has now been 10 weeks since we organised our car. I’m so happy to report that it’s still as tidy as the day we cleaned it. I have vacuumed my car 4 times in those 10 weeks, 4 times!! It is the quickest job now because of our car mats. While I’m on the topic of car mats, they have been worth every cent. It is so easy to just pick up and tip the sand and dirt off and they will save our carpet when the rain sets in. The kids are much more aware of taking jackets and school bags inside each time we arrive home. Probably because I’m constantly one step behind them nagging reminding them to take care of their belongings. I also make it a priority to dispose of all the rubbish in the car as soon as we pull into the driveway.

The main thing has been forcing myself to check the car and empty it out after each trip. It has already become second nature in such a small amount of time.

It is always so much nicer to travel in a clean car, no one can deny that. Although I don’t want to jinx myself just yet…… I think I’ve finally conquered the car clutter once and for all. I hope this inspires you to to the same and get your car a little more organised.


My secret motivator that will get you off the couch and actually make you want to clean your house.

We all have those days. You know the days that I’m talking about. When the house is a disaster, your to-do list is a mile long and all you feel like doing is laying on the couch watching Netfix.

So how do you overcome the lack of motivation and drag yourself up off the couch? I recently stumbled upon a not so new craze that is taking over You Tube and that is “clean with me” videos. There are various versions but ultimately they all entail the exact same thing. You watch someone else clean their house.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s absolutely absurd. Why would I sit on the couch and watch someone else clean their house, when my own home is so horrendous? The answer to that question is that they are just so motivating. I don’t know why, but they always give me that kick in the butt I need to get up and get something done.

Today I though I would share with you a few of these motivating “Clean With Me” videos by three of my favourite you tubers.

photoLove Meg

Meg is a wife and a young stay at home Mum to two small children. On her channel Love Meg, she films a variety of videos including fashion, make up, shop with me, Mummy, decluttering, cleaning and organisational videos. You can check out her latest Power Hour video here.



Cass is a wife and Mum of 3 kiddos. On her you tube channel Clutterbug, she covers anything and everything relating to decluttering, routines, organisation and cleaning. She is totally relatable and 100% authentic and absolutely hilarious! Check out her “Dirty 30 – Speed Cleaning” video here. I especially love her little life updates and hilarious stories at the end of each of her videos. ** Warning** You will become addicted to this channel.



Do It On A Dime

Kathryn is a wife and Mummy of two little boys. Her channel Do It On A Dime covers mummy videos, routines, cleaning and organisation. What I love the most about this channel is that it offers affordable ideas and solutions when it comes to organisation, cleaning and home décor. Kathryn is obsessed with the Dollar Tree and does regular shop with me videos and dollar tree hauls. Oh how I wish we had Dollar Tree here in Australia. You can watch her “Night Time Cleaning Routine” here.

So there you have it. Check out each of these channels for endless motivation when it comes to home organisation and cleaning. I hope these videos have inspired you and given you the motivation to get up off the couch, set a timer and make some progress in your home today.




Declutter childrens books without the guilt

Those close to me know that I have no trouble getting rid of excess clutter in my home. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, toys or kitchen appliances – if I haven’t used it in a while it goes. Children’s books on the other hand are definitely a weakness of mine. My children have such a love for reading. I have read to them since they were only a few months old. Not only is it great for speech and language development, I live for the snuggles and one on one time with my kiddo’s.

Dyllan books edited

Books are one thing that I have always had a problem parting with. They are one of those items that can take up very little space and can provide a heap of entertainment for the kids, time and time again. My children have their favourites and of course there are a few that I am sentimental about also. Particularly books that my kids would request every single night for months and months on end. Remembering how my Son had learnt all of the words by heart and the funny way they would pronounce certain words puts a smile on my face.

Over the years our collection has continued to grow. In fact, I am pretty sure I could count on one hand how many books I have ever thrown out. To keep on top of the book clutter my children each have one designated shelf for books in their bedrooms and we also keep a basket of books in our living room. The rest of our library is stored in plastic tubs in the garage and we rotate the books every few months.


Bj Books edit

But how many books should you store to rotate in and out? The answer to that question will vary person to person. I guess it depends on how much space you have to store them and how often you change them over. We currently have two 60L tubs and they are packed full. If I am being honest, the truth is that we have never purged books before and I know that many of them never get read and there are heaps that the kids have quite simply outgrown.

A few weeks ago my Son asked if we could change the books so I dragged the two plastic tubs out from our garage and lugged them onto the lounge room floor. We began searching for a particular book that Master B had been asking for and within 10 minutes my carpet looked like this.



I honestly could not believe how many books we owned and these didn’t even include what was already in the house. Being that school holidays had just started, I took advantage of a stormy Sunday afternoon and began finally purging the kid’s books.

First we brought every single book out to the carpet and I got the children to select a pile of books for each of their rooms. I then chose books for our living room book basket.

DSC_0057book basket


I began sorting them into the following piles:

  • Keepers
  • Donations
  • Maybe keep
  • Baby books / outgrown
  • Damaged / to throw out
  • Sets (grouping all Dora / Thomas The Tank Engine – books together etc.)



These were placed directly in the empty blue tub.


I placed these on the floor so that I was able to keep track of how many we were keeping.

Baby Books

We had a ridiculous amount of educational books for learning first words, colours, shapes, numbers and animals. I kept only one of each type and donated the rest. I then collected a few of my favourite board books “just in case” we have another baby. (#wishfulthinking) The rest were also donated

Damaged Books

I said goodbye to those damaged books once and for all.

Book Sets

We looked through the book sets and kept the ones we will continue to read eg. Dora the Explorer, Where’s Wally, Winnie The Pooh. I then put the remaining sets in our donation box with the exception of two, which I am trying to sell.

Maybe Keep

I left these until last so I knew how much room we roughly had in our “to keep” box. I was able to be realistic in what I knew we would genuinely use and enjoy. There were obvious purges. These were books the kids have never chose to bring inside.  I also found twelve books that we had two copies of (I’m not even sure how that happened) so all of the doubles were purged as well.

We began packing our “to keep” books back in the plastic container. To my surprise (and relief) they all fit back into just one 60L tub. That’s right, I had achieved my goal and we halved our library – and all of our favourites are still here.

This was my donation pile.


It just goes to show how much we hold onto purely because we put off making decisions. When you decide to declutter your home, you must be honest with yourself about what you really use. I hate to see so many books in our donation pile but I know that my kids are either way too old for them or are quite simply not interested in them.

It makes me happy to think that these books will make their way to children who will read and enjoy them. And what is the added bonus to our donations? I now have space for our own collection to grow as the kids get older and their interests change.

dyllan book shelf

If I can get a little serious for a moment when I began decluttering over 6 years ago I never thought I would get to the point that I am at right now. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go before I reach my end goal. When I looked at those tubs absolutely bursting at the seams the first thing I though was that every room in my house was like those tubs. Absolutely stuffed full with unused clutter.

Conquering The Guilt

I have found that when you are trying to better your home and manage the clutter you have to let go of the guilt. Why hold on to all of this excess stuff that you don’t even use, purely because you feel guilty getting rid of them? And why should you feel guilty for trying to make your home less cluttered and better organised?

I like to think of it another way.

Why am I being so selfish holding onto all of these books? We no longer love or use them and there are other children that could be enjoying them instead. There are many places you can donate children’s books. Schools, day care centres, doctors surgeries, play groups, friends and family at even pay it forward style groups online.

You are taking the necessary steps to live a less cluttered and more organised life. By ridding your home of excessive stuff you are making room for things that you truly use and love and you are making less work for yourself in the long run. No one should feel guilty for trying to enjoy their homes more.

I really feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No really, do you know how heavy those tubs were? We are no longer drowning in books and it feels really great to get another job crossed off the to do list.

I challenge you to tackle the kid’s books and minimise the clutter this week.

10 Of The Best (non – chocolate) Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Well the months are flying by and Easter is just around the corner, can you believe it?

Like many parents I’m sure, I am beginning to think about what to include in the kiddo’s Easter baskets this year. I will put it out there and confess that this is the ONLY day that my children get to have chocolate before breakfast (queue the mummy shaming) but I do like to include a few practical items in their Easter baskets as well.

Whether you are trying to minimise the toys and clutter in your home or you would just prefer to not go overboard on the sweets, there are many items you can add to the kids Easter baskets instead of the obvious chocolate bunnies and eggs.

I thought I would put together a list of practical and fun altervatives.


You really can’t go wrong with books. My children have had a great love for books since they were very young. I like to include books with each Birthday, Christmas and Easter. As they grow their interests and reading level changes so its nice to add to the collection.


Clothing or Shoes

Clothing is always high up on the list of practical gifts. My children are both moving up a size at the moment so a few new items will come in handy. Jackets, shirts shoes or pyjamas – whatever they are in need of can be added to the basket.



Art and Craft Supplies

This could include a billion different things like colouring books, pencils, paints or stickers. Whatever you choose make sure you actually need it, and that it will be used.


DVD’s or Music

A new DVD or iTunes card will be a great addition to any Easter gift.


Personal Care Items

Any fun items that you wouldn’t normally buy for your kids on a week to week basis at the grocery store. Special bubble baths, novelty soaps, nail polish, makeup, lip gloss, perfume, hair brushes and accessories, character toothbrushes, or electric toothbrush. These are all very practical gifts that will be used, therefore not cluttering up your house until the end of time.



Educational Activities or Toys

Anything that encourages learning such as activity books for practicing writing or maths, flash cards, magnetic letters or numbers, games that encourage cognitive development. You really can’t go wrong here.


Baking Session

I love doing this during the school holidays as a fun activity for the kids. Gather all the ingredients for a yummy recipe and have a morning baking session. We make Easter themes cupcakes to take to family and friends in the lead up to the holiday each year. My children absolutely love cooking together.


Busy Boxes

This is something that my mum used to make for my little sister and I when we would take a road trip. She would purchase a cute little suitcase or backpack and fill it with items and fun activities that we could use in the car while we were traveling. We loved finding pencils and colouring books, find-a-word puzzles, stickers, magazines or books to read, a new CD’s for our discman hidden inside. A few little snacks and drinks for the trip were a nice little addition too. These were always so much fun and kept us amused (and quiet) for the majority of the journey.



Add To A Favourite Collection

If your child already has an activity or toy set that love, why not buy something to add to it. A new train, pony, matchbox car, superhero, monster truck, or princess that your child can use with a collection that they already love will be a sure hit.


Vouchers For An Experience

This would have to be a favourite of mine. Gift vouchers for activities that you can experience together are a fantastic addition to the kiddo’s Easter basket. You can purchase the vouchers directly from the store or make cute little vouchers your computer that the kids can cash in to you. Some great ideas may include vouchers for the zoo or animal parks, aquarium, flip out, indoor play centre, amusement parks, putt putt golf, cinema tickets, a manicure, waterpark….the list is endless.



So what do I put in my own kiddo’s Easter Baskets?

Of course there is one large chocolate egg. I take notice of what they “ohh and ahhh” over when they spot the chocolate eggs in the shop. I think the Humpty Dumpty eggs will be the winning choice this year. We also do an egg hunt on Easter morning. In the past we have colour coded the plastic eggs (with small chocolate eggs inside) and each child collected their own stock pile. This works very well if you have multiple children. We did things a little differently last year and pooled all the eggs from the hunt together. The kids were excited to eat one or two each night after finishing their dinner. In terms of chocolate, that’s all they get from us.

As Easter falls in Autumn, we experience a major change in the weather by the time the fluffy guy with floppy ears arrives. I always choose a pair of winter pyjamas with dressing gowns or slippers to keep the kiddos warm on the colder nights. I also like to include a special book for them to add to their own collections on their shelves. This can be anything you think your child may enjoy or you can choose an Easter themed book. We add something fun to pop in with those practical items wich changed year to year. In the past I have included bath crayons, toothbrush, novelty bunny ears, craft items and hair clips. Last year it was finger paint and Easter stickers.

We don’t generally decorate our home for Easter, but I do plan little Easter themed crafts for the kids which we do display. As I mentioned above we also do Easter themed baking that we will take to family when we visit.

You may chose to share the religious Story Of Easter with your children. You can do this by reading bible verses and adding religious storybooks or activities to their Easter baskets. Although my husband and I are not religious and don’t attend church, our families do. Our Son attends a scripture class once a week at school and has been learning about the story of Easter and we will incorporate that into our celebrations at home this year.

I hope I have given you a few ideas on what you can add to your kiddo’s Easter baskets. Finding consumable gifts and reducing the sugar highs is always a good thing. By giving intentional gifts this Easter, your children will be able to enjoy these items long after the chocolate is gone.

However you choose to celebrate, I wish you all a safe and Happy Easter weekend with friends and family.



8 simple tips to keep your home organised forever

I am always looking for ways to not only get organised, but strategies to help me stay organised. I have introduced many routines and schedules over the years that really help me stay on top of everything. Today I wanted to share these with you.

Here are my 8 simple tips for keeping your home organised forever.


Get rid of all the clutter. I find that the reason many people struggle to keep their house organised is because they have too much stuff. Before I started taking back control of my home I would hold on to things “just in case” or because I had spent money on it and didn’t want to just throw it away. The fact of the matter is you are not using it and that money has already been spent.

You have two options here. Firstly you can put the item up for sale.  If you’re trying to sell an item give yourself deadline. If that item hasn’t sold in 1 week it goes! Secondly you can just donate it. It is so easy to pop a bag in the boot of your car and swing past a donation bin. I also keep a box in my garage so that if I find something that I know I don’t use or want, I have somewhere (not inside my house) to put it. Once the box it full, it in the car it goes and off to the donation drop off. Once you start to see results from having less clutter, it really becomes addictive.

cardboard-boxes-600 copy


Set up routines to help keep your home organised. I have shared my routines a little while back and you can check that out in more detail here. I have a morning routine and an evening routine that I stick to every day. Doing these few simple tasks helps keep the house in order and mess to a minimum. Things you may like to include in your routine may include:

Morning Routine

  • Empty dishwasher
  • Do one load of washing and hang out
  • Make the beds
  • Open the house
  • Cleaning task

Evening Routine

  • Load dishwasher
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Tidy bathroom hang towels and mats
  • Pick up all toys
  • Straighten up lounge room
  • Pack anything for the following day

It wont take long for these things to become second nature and you will be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Preparing for the next day

This is such a game changer for making your mornings smooth sailing and especially helpful if you have children. Make lunches and pack school bags the night before. Gather anything you will need for the next day so its ready to go. This includes laying out clothing, shoes and socks so there isn’t a mad rush in the morning. You will never be searching for missing shoes while running out the door again.


Cleaning Schedule

Make yourself a cleaning schedule. I have a weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning checklist. Every day of the week I choose a cleaning task (or two) to complete, then on the weekend I schedule time to do something off my monthly list. Doing one or two things each day makes it easier to stay on top everything. Alternatively you can choose one day a week to go full pelt and complete all of your weekly cleaning chores. Find what works for you and stick to it. Force yourself to do these tasks now and it will eventually become automatic. I use the fantastic printable from An Organised Home. You can download this printable for your cleaning schedule here and its absolutely free!



Lists – Weekly and Daily

I can’t function without my lists. Every Sunday I make a list of things I have to do or would like to accomplish that week. Each day I try and knock something off that list. I like to put these weekly goals in my notebook which is either left open on my kitchen bench or goes with me when I leave the house. You may like to write these on your fridge where you see them multiple times a day or find somewhere you can easily view it. This will help keep you on task.

Every night I write my to do list for the following day. This will include errands I need to run, meetings, doctors appointments, extra tasks I need to complete, my cleaning task and phone calls I need to make. I find that writing my to do list the night before not only helps clear my mind before bed but it saves time the next morning. Your list is ready to go as soon as you wake up and you can start getting things done much quicker.

Schedule time to organise

It is so important to schedule in time to organise your home. Having everything organised not only makes tidying up easier, it also makes cleaning a breeze. Make sure that all toys are sorted and have a “home”. Find a specific spot for everything you own and. If you do not have enough space for all of your dvd’s then purge some of them. If your cupboard is overflowing with coffee mugs put some in your donation box.  By setting out 15 – 20 minutes each day to clean and organise a drawer or a shelf, you would truly be amazed how much you can accomplish and what a difference it will make. That adds up to almost 2.5 hours a week. Click the link below to find this weekly printable.

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Set up organising systems

Find your clutter zones and set up systems to keep them under control. Grab a pen and paper and begin writing down the messiest areas of your home and why they are so disorganised. The next step is to think of ways you could better organise the space.

If your living room is constantly covered in toys then find a spot to put them. Every toy in our house has a home but like all children, my kiddos are constantly pulling toys out into the living areas. To solve this problem we bought a storage ottoman that we use to throw toys in at the end of each day. Once its full, the kids have to take all their own toys back to their rooms and put them away. This works so well, as they can bring toys out and play with them for a few days, but every night I can toss the way out of sight.



Do you have mountains of mail and paper everywhere? Set up a paper system to stop overwhelming paper clutter in it’s tracks. Mine is just a simple desk file with folders for each category listed below.

  • To Action
  • To Pay
  • File
  • Shred
  • Keepsakes



Get into the habbit of opening your mail at the desk file then sort and file it immediately. Add a bin close by to toss junk mail and garbage in as soon as you see it. Keep on top of this by going through ever week or so it doesn’t begin over flowing.

Too many shoes, clothes, dvd’s, books or craft supplies? Tackle each of these areas one at a time by purging, finding a space for what is left and then creating systems to maintain order.

Labels, labels, labels.

Once you have organised a space you need to label everything. Not only will you know where everything belongs, but it will make it easier for everyone else in your home to put things away or find something as well. Adding tags and labels with pictures to your children’s toy storage, closet and drawers will help them identify where things belong if they are unable to read.



I hope that you find these tips helpful. I have completely taken control of my home using these 8 steps and let me tell you its the greatest feeling ever. We spend so much times in our homes so why not take the time to organise it and enjoy the space you have.



Simplifying My Life In 2017

It’s hard to believe that January is over and we are well into February already. How does the time go by so quickly? I find that this is the time of year when we all begin to settle back into our regular routines and start getting a bit of normality back to our lives. If you are reading this, then I’m guessing that you are interested in the idea of simplifying your life. The mere thought of this is extremely overwhelming when you feel like you are living in chaos. This is pretty much how I am feeling at the moment.

I love my husband to death but when he is on holidays I get absolutely NOTHING accomplished. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love having all of that extra family time together. Day trips to the beach and extra activities with the kids have been wonderful and of course the little ones love having their Daddy home so much over the break.  In saying that, I’ll admit that I find it very hard to keep everything in order when the four of us are home together all day everyday for a month straight. Routines get thrown out the window, there are way too many late nights and every day is like the weekend. And if I am to be 100% honest with you I get quite lazy myself – if everyone else is on holidays why can’t I join them?

February is also the time of year that I really start to act on my goals for the year. I know I’m a little late in regards to this topic – I realise that the new year began over 6 weeks ago.

Quote Template_edited-1

The holiday season is absolutely insane around here. My Husband and I went on our Honeymoon at the end of November and also celebrated his birthday. Then of course there is Christmas, our Sons birthday, New Year Eve celebrations. Add to that “Party Season” as all of Master B’s little friends birthdays fall in December and January as well as my birthday! To say it’s been impossible to start anything new during this time is a massive understatement.

But now is the time! Hubby is back at work and Master 5 has just started kindergarten. My aim is to simplify our routine so that we can enjoy our day to day activities. I’m also trying to create  a new routine with just Miss 2 and myself at home. I know this will be a major adjustment not just for me, but her as well. She misses her big brother so much.

I don’t know what it is about the beginning of a new year. It’s a fresh start and a whole world of possibilities. As you all know, I love having a decluttered and organised home. While it has taken me many years to get to where I am at this point, I am far from finished I really want to take it further.

This year I chose one word, call it my theme for the year. LESS. I have always aimed to use less, have less, spend less, waste less. In the past I have tried when I remember to, but this year I’m determined to take it to the next level. I’m really excited to share with you my goals for the year.

It’s time to start simplifying my life



I have officially begun my journey to minimalist living.

Now let me just say that I will never be a “true minimalist”. We will not be selling all of our furniture and electronics. We will not be swapping our couches for bean bags or our beds for a mattress on the floor and we certainly will not be replacing toilet paper for washable cloths.

Yes, I have recently learned that this is actually “thing”. #omg

I have been learning lot about minimalism over the last few months. My time has been spent reading many articles and I have been listening to a lot of podcasts on the topic. I have joined quite few facebook groups where everyday people share their progress, as they begin living with less, simplifying their lives and living with purpose. Let me tell you, the benefits seem to be life changing for some people. I want to be one of those people!!!

There are many interpretations of what minimalism actually is. To me, it’s only keeping things that you need, use and love. Everything else is not needed. I love the idea of living a much simpler life, getting rid of the unnesacery and only having what we need. I truly believe that happiness is not measured by the amount of possessions you own and more importantly I want to teach my kids the same thing. This is incredibly difficult to do these days any way.

During my year of culling I will not be stopping at household items. Minimising waste of food and money by meal planning and budgeting is high on my list of things to improve. As well as cutting costs anywhere I can in the everyday running of my home.

It may come as no surprise that having less stuff makes keeping your house clean, tidy and under control a much easier task. Having too much stuff causes stress and creates so much more work when it comes to running the household. I’m going to tackle it all. Every inch of my home is going to get the minimalist touch and I will be sharing my progress on my facebook page as well as monthly updates here on the blog.

I am so excited about this change we are making and I can’t wait to see how it impacts other areas of our lives.

The Year Of The House

The second goal I wanted to share with you are the projects we have planned for our home. It is really going hand in hand with our minimalist goals. My husband and I have renamed 2017! Yes, you read that correctly, 2017 is now known in our family as the year of the house. Our plan is to do as many updates and improvements to our home as possible. This will include DIY projects and organising projects. If you have seen my Back To School Series part 1 and part 2,  work has well and truly begun.

We have been in our house for eight and a half years now. We have painted a little here and there and made a few changes along the way but we have a long way to go. With our kiddo’s aged 2 and 5 it has been extremely hard to find the time to knock all of these projects off the to do list, as I’m sure many of you out there can relate to.

Truth be told, over last year I have realised that we are very quickly outgrowing our home. Before we bought our house, my husband and I had been renting a tiny two bedroom unit. So when we moved into our 3 bedroom house it felt huge, like seriously huge. Add to that another dog, two kiddos and all the extra stuff that those little people need and we are close to bursting at the seems. This is another reason we will greatly benefit from a more minimalistic life.

Moving will not be an option for us any time soon, so for the time being it’s about making the most of the house that we have. I had so many plans for our home when we first moved in and somewhere along the way it has all been pushed aside. So decluttering and setting up systems to make the most efficient use of the space is at the top of the to do list.

I think of all those years we totally wasted the space in our entry way. It was always a mess because there wasn’t enough storage and with our entry project not only has it completely transformed the way it looks, but it has totally changed the way we use that space.


On Our To-Do List
  • Laundry update – better storage
  • Declutter while simplifying storage in kids rooms
  • Closet organisation in all bedrooms
  • Finish painting inside
  • Front patio update
  • Garage declutter
  • Garage organization
  • Purging every room
  • Photo Organisation

I’m sure there a million other areas that will need some kind or re-organisation and I’m sure they will be added to our never ending list.




So this is the starting point. I’m ready for a more simplified life. I’m so excited to get started on ridding our home and lives of all the unnecessary stuff that has no purpose and only having things in our home that we truly need, use or want.

So here’s to a tidier, cleaner and less cluttered 2017!





An Organised Home – School Work Organisation – Part 3


Congratulations! You have made it to the final installment of my Back To School Series. I have absolutely loved teaming up with Nikki and sharing this series with you all. There have been so many ideas and organisational systems to help organise your family and school clutter this last few weeks. I hope you have found it all very helpful while preparing for the new school year. Today I am joined by Nikki from An Organised Home for the final time as she shares part 3 – organising school work. Its been such a pleasure having Nikki guest post and share her ideas and systems this month. So I will now hand over to Nikki, enjoy guys!

Well here it is. My last instalment of the Back To School Series. And it is all about how I organise school work.

This little system of ours has been working famously for about 3 years now, and I would love to show you what we have done.

It has been so much fun sharing how both Hailey and I organise everything school related, but all good things must come to an end, so enjoy this last instalment on for our Back to School Series.

Back to School 3 Part Series - Landscape Header

Earlier Hailey took a look back at what we have covered so far in terms of school organisation. If you missed any of these posts click the links below to jump back and take a peek.

Organise It All – Back To School Part 1

Back To School Part 1 – An Organised Home

Organise It All – Back to School Part 2

Back to School Part 2 – An Organised Home

Organise It All – Back to School Part 3

Today I will be showing you how I organise and keep track of my son’s school work. This has been working for us for about 3 years now, and we are continuing on with this again in 2017.

Since starting high school, Zac has been bringing home a little less of the artwork that was very prevalent in primary school, and he now brings home a lot more notes. Handouts from class, notes written in class, and a bit of homework also.

Keeping track of this work was a priority for me. Zac is not the most motivated child when it comes to organisation. If it was up to him, his English notes would end up with Science, the History notes would be nowhere to be found, and he would never, ever have homework. Of course.

So we needed a system that was easy to access. If it wasn’t easy to access, he wouldn’t use it. It needed to be simple to use. Again, the harder to use the less it gets used. And fast. Lets face it, teenage boys have far more important things to do than keep track of their school and homework.

So we came up with a simple system using a suspension file box, and suspension files.

It was really quick and easy to set up, and of course, there was plenty of room to expand as the year went on and more and more notes came home. It also sat perfectly on my washing machine so accessibility wasn’t an issue either.

How I created this system

We started with a file box like this one.

File Storage Box - Store'N'Oder Crate

I had a bit of trouble finding where you could buy one of these now. But luckily located it at Australia Post which you can find here. Originally I started with a file storage box that I borrowed from my dad, which had a lid. I loved the idea of everything being hidden away and looking nice and tidy, however Zac was stacking everything on top of the lid rather than putting it away. So it had to go.

I then added a suspension file for each subject. There is also one for his diary and timetables, which as it turns out, the school is still using this year after all.

J Burrows Suspension Files Blue

I loved the J. Burrows coloured suspension files from Officeworks, which you can find here.

And lastly we pulled out our trusty labeller and added the name tags for each subject, as well as a name label on each of his folders.


This year our old labeller died! Although we haven’t re-labelled the tabs for his file box, we used this new one that we purchased to label everything else. It is fantastic. And while it was a little more expensive than the regular one we had, it was well worth the money. It does two lined labels, lots of different fonts, frames and so much more. I know that this labeller is going to be doing a lot of work this year. You can find this here.


So this is what we ended up with.

School File Box

Every afternoon when Zac comes home from school, he removes all items from his school bag. His lunchbox and drink bottle go to the kitchen. Dirty sport clothes go in the laundry basket. And all schoolwork is put on the table. From there, we determine if he has any homework. This is usually written in his diary, but I always ask as well, just in case he forgot to write it in. It happens!

If he does have homework, we leave those notebooks out until the homework is completed. The rest of his notes are sorted into the suspension files that correspond with that subject. Any loose notes or worksheets are dropped straight in the file folder too. At the end of each week, I ask Zac to go through and tidy his notes. Loose pages are stuck into books, notes that were completed on his computer can stay there, however I do like to see that he is completing his work.

And that is pretty much it. Simple, effective and easy to use.

The best part.

For me, the best part about this system, is at the end of the year, when I am sorting through his notes deciding what to keep and what to toss, everything is already grouped in its subject.

School Work Toss

The pile at the back is what is going from 2016, and the small pile in front, is what I am keeping. I have to be happy with that.

Now, I have to confess here, I am not up to date with sorting all of Zac’s schoolwork for every year. In fact, I have only sorted the notes from the past 3 years, since using this system. The rest are in a plastic box, labelled with the year, the teacher and the class, and put away in my buffet and hutch. I can honestly say it was only this year that I was able to be so ruthless, in what I kept. I literally threw everything out apart from certificates, reports, and one or two of his assessment tasks that he had created a product for that was really innovative. The rest was trashed.

In all seriousness, there is no way Zac is ever going to want 15 years of schoolwork. So by being ruthless, I was able to eliminate a world of angst and only keep the best of the best. And the goal is, to do the same with all of his previous years work.

I hope this helps when deciding how you might want to keep your child’s school work organised. It really has been a successful way for us to stay on top of it all.

Thanks again for joining Nikki and I on our Back to School journey, and stay tuned for lots more ways that I am Organising It All.

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Back To School Series – Part 3

Good morning guys and welcome to my third and final installment to the back to school series.

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone! In just 3 short days I will be sending Master 5 off to his first day at Kindergarten. We are well and truly organized and my little man is totally excited…… me on the other hand…I’m extremely anxious. Deep breaths Hailey, deep breaths.

Before we jump into part 3 of the series, lets take a look back at what we have covered so far in terms of school organisation.

Back To School Part 1

  • Command Centre
  • Family Schedule
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Routines
  • Calendars
  • Filing System

Back to School Part 2

  • School Uniforms
  • Shoes
  • Schoolbags
  • Lunchboxes
  • School Papers

Today I will be showing you how I organise and keep track of my kids school work. I have been using this system for about 2 years now since my son began pre school.

At the moment my children’s “school work” is any artwork that they bring home. I will continue using this system the same way as they progress through their school years and when they begin bringing home special school assignments and important exams in the future.

My system is very basic and right from the beginning I decided that I needed it to help me limit what I hold onto. You have to be very particular in what you keep or you will be drowning in school papers for the next 13 years. Once that file is full you need to either stop keeping artwork or take something else out in order too keep a new piece. That is the rule.

Supplies used in this project include

  • File box
  • Suspension files
  • Manilla folders
  • Free printables (you can find the links below)


I got my file box from kmart a few years back for around $15 but I found this from Officeworks which is very similar.



I started with the pre school files, labeling them with the year that my son attended day care. Having worked in child care for 8 years before having my kiddo’s, I know how much artwork they can come home with. Funnily enough my son was never a big fan of doing craft once he started pre school – he was far too busy running around and playing outside to stop long enough for craft. So most of his art work was from when I used to do it with him as an infant. I am hoping I get a little more craft work from my daughter.

I then continued to label the remaining files kindergarten, year 1, year 2 and so on, all the way to year 12. (Yikes that is a scary thought…. my baby ….. in year 12)

The files come with little clear clip on label holders and white labels. Of course you can just write on them with a marker but I wanted to make mine pretty so I created my own labels.


I printed them on a white cardstock then I cut them out and slid them into the clips.

Inside each of the suspension files I have placed one manila folder to hold the school work.


For the front I created a fun little printable to fill out each year. It’s a place to record your child’s teachers name, their class, what they want to be when they grow up. My little guy  told me he wants to be a skateboarder #adorable. There is also a place for a school portrait for that particular year. It is such a cute little keepsake to look back at in years to come.

DSC_0411 (2)


And look how organised it is!





When the kids come home from school, I search through their school bags and gather papers. Any notes are filled out, important dates are added to the calendars and artwork is put into the keepsakes section on my desk file in the kitchen.


No name - in file

Once a week or when the file is full, all of the keepsakes are moved to their school file boxes that are stored in our garage.

I store these in the garage for an obvious reason – the boxes are big. I only have one hall closet in our house that serves many purposes. It houses craft supplies, beach towels, gift wrapping items, my household file, warranties and manuals binder and my printer. I honestly couldn’t fit another thing in that closet if I tried.

I love this system because once it is done, that’s it. It is a sealed box so everything inside is protected. It is so simple to just slide school work inside as needed. There are no folders, hole punches or plastic sleeves to worry about.

Having each year contained to one folder really makes you think about what pieces are truly important to you. Lets face it, your kids are not going to want box after box after box of every single piece of art and craft they have ever created, handed down to them when they head off to Uni. I know that for me personally, I keep the little works or art because they are special to me or represent something significant.

The hand and footprints remind me of how little they were at certain stages of their lives. The pictures remind me of how hard he worked to draw that ninja turtle or the page of writing reminds me of how long he sat in full concentration to write his entire name.  Those are the pieces I will keep. Just because you don’t keep every single piece of work, doesn’t mean you love them any less.



I wanted one system that will last the next 13 years. Even with the extra pre school files in there, look how much space there is left!  This is a system that never needs to be updated. That was the goal and that is what I’ve created. Simple, easy, storage.

I hope that this inspires you to set up a school work system for you children and to make the process a little easier I am giving you my file labels and cover pages absolutely free!!

So head over to my shop and download them today.

Download your file labels here.

Download your school year cover pages here.